Photography By Fred Levy

Pet, family and commercial photography for Boston and New England.

For the love of dogs. That is what started me on my latest photography quest into pet photography. My background as a fine art photographer lead my work in all different directions but any great photographer I’ve ever admired had a focus to their work.  My underlying theme now is lifestyle photography of people and pets.  I’ve always had a passion for portrait photography but never was able to focus my skills until I adopted our first dog.  Now with 2 kids too, I’ve never been more focused on my pet photography, commercial photography and family photography.

Now that I’ve committed my work as a business, I’ve taken my skills to the next level where I can create amazing work for people and businesses that do so many things. My work can tell stories, promote and idea and be a personal brand manager.  My goal is to create amazing work in a professional way that meets the needs of my clients at what ever scale they need. Check out my work on my website and contact me to discuss any project you want to take to the next level. I can help you reach your goals.

You can see my my other blogs at The Dog Park Book and my Tumblr page.  Please follow me on Facebook or my G+ account. Contact me here or just give me a call. 617-458-1095